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Edward Zhang

Welcome to my website! Nothing much happens here, sadly.

Probably less of a copyright violation than the Windows 8 "Betta Fish" profile picture I usually use.

I refuse to accept anyone actually read that website, so I doubt you even saw that. To answer though, I yeeted the server alongside the site. I still have the php files for it, but I would like a static site for now. I also still have the blog posts, maybe they'll show up here some day (probably not sadly)

I'm set to announce this, in principle.

Any of these statements made by me likely imply that I am speaking to you under duress;
  • I would like an egg in my Ramen
  • I would prefer a widescreen display for my computer over a taller one
  • Can I add pearls to my bubble tea?
  • Could I get regular (100%) sugar in my milk tea?
  • Oh the payment terminal wants to convert the currency for me? Sure!
  • Can I borrow a microUSB cable for my device?
  • There's no need to fix this cracked phone screen
  • I've only had my phone for 6 months, I don't need a new one!
  • Why would I buy that? The only difference between that and the one I already have is that it adds USB-C!
  • Let me put on my over-ear headphones
  • Let me book my travel through an Online Travel Agent website
  • This flight is too short for Business Class to be worth it, let's just fly Economy
  • I'll take the aisle seat

Based? Based on what?

>=^._.^= ∫ (^・ω・^❁)🙀